Metallic materials anintroduction
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On the Cooperation between the National University of Civil Engineering (NUCE) and the French Government for the purpose of propagandizing and enhancing the French language, the formation program of excellent engineers in Vietnam (PFIEV - Program de formation d'ingener d'excellence au Vietnam) has been set up and the program already has brought many succeses. Many students in the field of civil engineering have been graduated and many of them have become PhD students and successfully got PhD level. From the year 2019, this program has been enlarged into another fields of study and the Building Materials have been set up. One subject of the program is Metallic Materials. This book has been prepared for the students in the field of Building Materials of the above mentioned program, but it is a valuable document for the students in another faculties such as Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Faculty of Environmental Engineering. In this book, the following aspects are presented: The structures of metals, the properties [physical, chemical (corrosion), mechanical and technological (manufacturability)], phase transformation and heat treatments of metals and alloys, the alteration of properties of alloys by changing structure of alloys, properties and applications of ferrous and non - ferrous alloys.

After finishing this subject, the students are able to choose the materials, to design elements meeting mechanical, technical and economical requirements.


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