Earthwork and piling construction. Công tác đất và thi công cọc
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Việt Nam
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            The Hanoi University of Civil Engineering, an eminent institution for training, scientific researching, technology transfering, and providing premium human resources in the field of construction, offers 39 formal undergraduate training programs. A significant portion of these programs involves advanced-quality courses taught in English, including Civil Engineering, Architecture, Water Engineering, Construction Economics, and more. The content of these courses is directly connected to construction technology and organization, underlining the importance of textbooks on these subjects, tailored to the specific needs of our curriculum.

            This textbook, "Earthwork and Piling Construction", is meticulously compiled with reference to both domestic and international resources. The primary goal of this textbook is to equip readers with both basic and advanced knowledge and foster skills and logical thinking. It is designed to provide solutions for real-life construction and organization challenges involving earthwork and piling construction.

            The textbook serves as a resource for the "Construction Organization Project" course, specifically for tasks involving the calculation, selection, and design of technical solutions and construction organization for earthwork, site preparation and pile, sheet pile construction activities. It also acts as a guide for students studying other related subjects like Construction Engineering 1, Construction Engineering Project 1, Construction Organization, Construction Economics, and more.

            The textbook comprises five chapters: 

  • Chapter 1. Soil and earthwork Chapter
  • 2. Site preparation Chapter 
  • 3. Excavation Chapter 
  • 4. Embankment Construction Chapter 
  • 5. Piling construction 

            We would like to express our gratitude to colleagues in the Faculty of Civil and Industrial Construction and the Department of Construction Technology and Management for their invaluable input and assistance. We also acknowledge the support of the Office of Academic Affairs in publishing this textbook.

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