Cast-in-place concrete construction. Công nghệ thi công bê tông đổ tại chỗ
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Việt Nam
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            Hanoi University of Civil Engineering is a leading center for training, scientific research, technology transfer, and providing high-quality human resources for the country in the field of construction. In recent years, the university has been expanding its English-language programs to meet the growing demand for international education.

            This textbook is part of a series of textbooks on construction engineering that are being developed in English. The textbook on cast-in-place concrete construction is designed to provide readers with the basic knowledge and skills necessary to design and construct concrete structures.

            The textbook is organized into five chapters. Chapter 1 introduces cast-in-place concrete construction technology. Chapter 2 discusses formwork, Chapter 3 examines reinforcement work, Chapter 4 reviews concrete work, and Chapter 5 discusses the construction of prestressed concrete structures.

            The textbook is based on the latest scientific and technological achievements in concrete materials, reinforcement, formwork, machinery, and techniques for the construction of cast-in-place concrete structures. It also includes several case studies to illustrate the application of the concepts presented in the textbook.

            This textbook is intended for use by students taking the course "Construction Engineering Project 1" in English-language programs and other civil engineering, architecture, and other courses in related fields. It can also be used by practicing engineers and construction professionals who are interested in learning more about cast-in-place concrete construction technology.

            The authors would like to thank the teachers and staff of the Faculty of Civil and Industrial Construction and the Department of Construction Technology and Management at Hanoi University of Civil Engineering for their valuable comments and suggestions. We would also like to thank the Office of Academic Affairs for their support and help in publishing the textbook.

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