Case Studies In Business Administration
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National Economics University (NEU) Business School is a leading business school in Vietnam, which offers undergraduate programs (E-BBA and E-BDB), and postgraduate programs (MBA and PhD), as well as executive level continuing education and training opportunities. NEU Business School produces quality research on business and management and consults business practitioners on variety of topics.

We are pleased to introduce the book “Case Studies in Business Administration”. The case studies were drawn from our research and consulting practices in recent years, covering four major areas: General Management, Marketing, Operations Management, Finance and Accounting.

This book would not exist without the strong supports from the NEU's Board of Management and the dedicated contributions from the NEU Business School faculties and staff who have worked out of their ways to prepare for cases that reflect typical business situations in Vietnam. We would like to thank the NEU Management Board and all the authors for their supports and contributions, insightful knowledge and devoted efforts to accomplish this book.

This is our first edition, therefore, mistakes and shortcomings are unavoidable. We welcome feedback from readers to improve our future editions. Please send your feedback directly to the NEU Business School, 207 Giai Phong Road, Hai Ba Trung District, Hanoi.

We hope audiences enjoy our work and find it valuable for their own practices.


NEU Business School

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